Terms and Conditions

Vehicle Hire

Drivers must be over 21 years of age. They must have held their full license for a minimum of 1 year. If you have one of the new 2 part British licenses please bring both parts as this will save you an extra charge.

Schedule of drivers not Insured
Drivers who have been involved in more than three accidents in the last three years.Thefts- drivers with more than two theft claims in the last three yearsMotor convictions drivers with the following convictions on their licence UT50,CD40,CD50,CD60,CD70,DD40DD60,DD80,DR10,DR20,DR30,DR31,
DR40,DR50,DR60,DR61,DR70,DR80 OR DR90

Rates & Payment
Our rates include VAT and comprehensive insurance. Additional drivers can be included by arrangement at no extra cost. Payment must be made at the beginning of hire for the full rental term. The minimum rental period is 24 hours

Vehicles are supplied full of fuel and should be returned with a full fuel tank. There will be a minimum handling charge of £10.00 levied if vehicles are returned not full of fuel. If the hirer accidentally fills the hire vehicle with the wrong fuel type, the hirer will be responsible for any repair bill plus the cost of refueling the hire vehicle with the correct fuel type.

Parking tickets and Traffic penalties 
The Driver/Hirer is responsible for any parking fines and any traffic penalties received during the hire of a vehicle

The hirer is responsible for all costs incurred with the repair or replacement of a punctured or damaged tyre.

Collision Damage Insurance
Hire costs include comprehensive insurance. An excess applies to all claims or damage to the vehicle. This excess is your responsibility as the Hirer.This insurance must be purchased at the commencement of hire.

The Hirer is responsible for the first £900 of any claim. A Collision Damage Insurance Waiver is available to purchase at a cost of £8 per day for cars which will reduce your liability down to £300 of any claim.

Minibuses, 4 x 4 and vans
The hirer is responsible for the first £1500 of any claim, this can be reduced to £700 at a cost of £8 per day.

Holders of non UK licences and all drivers under the age of 25
The hirer will be responsible for the first £1500.00 of any claim. this can be reduced to £700 at a cost of £8 per day.

Please note that the Collision Damage Insurance does NOT cover your liability for the full cost of repairing or replacing window glass, tyres, wheels, wheel trims, wing mirrors, keys, immobilisers, cigar or cigarette burns or any other damage to the interior of vehicles in your possession.

* Vehicle damage claims are subject to a £50 damage processing fee.

Mileage: Unlimited mileage is available whilst the vehicle is on hire in the Orkney Islands. There is an additional mileage charge for vehicles taken on to the Scottish mainland.

Drive Orkney operate a strict no smoking policy in all vehicles

Delivery is available throughout the Kirkwall area which includes pick up and drop off at Kirkwall Airport. Any other location will incur a minimum £40 charge. This includes the St Margaret’s Hope and Stromness Ferry Terminals and any other accommodation outside Kirkwall.